Acabats i fils


This product is manufactured with a multifilament yarn, covered with Barium Sulphate (SO4 Ba) and plastic resins, free of phthalates. It is non-toxic, latex free and completely harmless to the human body.

This X ray detectable thread has a high contrast visibility. It has a high tensile strength, with minimum elasticity. These qualities permit the possibilities of weaving, knitting or attaching by heat a contrast thread without the problems of displacement or shrinkage in the finished product. (Surgical gauzes, swabs).

Another advantage of this thread is that sterilization does not alter its flexible character. Since the thread is integrally woven or soldered into the product, there is no possibility of detachment during surgical use.

Technical Characteristics:

  • Barium Sulphate content (SO4 Ba): 60%
  • Guarantee of Innocuousness: Analysis on live animals, verified and certified by the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics in the University of Medicine in Barcelona, following the procedure described in the Pharmacopeia.
  • The finished product has been X Ray tested
  • Sterilization temperature: Approx. 121º (20 minutes), 134º (8 minutes)
  • Tensile strength: 850,- gr. approx.
  • Elasticity: 10%
  • Density of thread: 2,- gr/cm3
  • Shore hardness: 68,- º
  • Appearance: Smooth and flexible
  • Colour: Sky blue. Regulation number CFR 21$ 178.3297
  • Thread type 35/A - 3.125 m/kg.
  • Thread type 55/A - 1.920 m/kg.
  • Package: In boxes of 12 cones. Each cone approx. 1’6 kg.


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